Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Professor Batman?

This semester, I'm taking an amazing Intro to Professional Writing class. It's comprehensive and honest about the writing profession, and I've quite seriously gotten more experience after one month in this class than I have in my entire academic career.

In addition, the class is ridiculously, unpredictably entertaining! We always end up going on tangents and telling amazing stories, and yet still learning whatever it is we're meant to learn for the day. Our teacher, Mel, makes off-color jokes and wonderfully lousy puns and keeps the class hanging off his every word - which is very impressive, considering it's a 9 am class.

The class is cool enough that a friend of mine actually coined the phrase, "taking awesome lessons from Batman" to describe it, spawned by Mel wearing a Batman t-shirt last class.

And this morning, Mel came in wearing a Batgirl shirt. Today is fantastic.

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Katie said...

Mel is such a great teacher to have. He always makes learning that stuff easy and fun.