Monday, September 17, 2007

Reality TV Response: Big Brother 8, Rock of Love, Pick-Up Artist

Big Brother 8 - CBS

Nothing major to report, Sunday's episode was just a recap show to lead up to Tuesday's night conclusion. I did love watching some of the controversial moments again - Jen's fit over her memory wall picture, Amber crying, Jameka ending a powerful religious argument with "Yo Momma," Amber crying, Dustin's king costume, Amber crying ... good times.

My prediction for Tuesday is Daniele will take it home. She has played an amazing game and won a ton of competitions when it mattered most; although Dick did save her ass a few times, that speaks to Daniele's skill at aligning herself with a die-hard player. Dick has also done a damn good job in the house, but he has made so many enemies on the jury I'd be shocked if he were to walk away with the win.

One thing I do know, though ... winner's not gonna be Zach! And I am absolutely throwing a party on the inside because of that fact. Zach is the lo-ser, Donatos rock the house!

Rock of Love - VH1

No need for a long review this week ... all I want to do is yell, "LACEY'S GONE!" I had a watch-party for it with the girls last night, and when Bret kicked her out of the house we started screaming and cheering so loudly we scared my friend Julie's cat. What a relief to see that burgundy-coiffed psycho go home! I do feel a bit bad for her, though ... because her dad is just as nuts as she is. Must be genetic.

Next week's the finale, then! Badass Jes vs. Stripper Heather. I don't know who will take it home in the end, honestly. I'd like it to be Jes, just because she's such a cool chick, but I can see Heather and Bret together for the long run. They're both aging sex symbols, they'd work well together.

Edit: Looks like next week is not the finale, but is in fact a clip show. Damnit VH1! I! Need! To know!

The Pick Up Artist - VH1

The boys didn't do so well for the first bit of this episode. For their reward challenge, they had to try and engage moving targets, IE women jogging. Now, women all run either with a friend or with their iPod firmly blocking out the world. There is an insanely small chance for a guy to get their attention without seeming sketchy. Needless to say, none of the three succeeded and Mystery ended up withholding the reward.

However, the second task seemed even more impossible. The guys had to try and pick up an exotic dancer - without paying her. Shockingly enough, all three guys did amazingly well! Kosmo got a great conversation going with one girl, and he would have closed the deal except for the fact that she had a boyfriend. Oops.

Joe came close to getting the girl, but failed to close. Brady, shockingly enough, got one of the girls to accompany him to the limo the guys arrived in, where he closed a kiss (and perhaps more than that, as the cameras chose to cut away and leave Brady to his dancer)

And then, sadly, Mystery sent Joe home! I was so bummed, Joe was an absolutely adorable guy and he had made such strong strides over the weeks. So the final two will be Brady, a guy with GQ-type looks but little confidence, and Kosmo, who was once intimidated by women but is finally gaining his feet. The final contest? The guys are given nerds of their own to groom, educate, and train as mini-pick-up-artists. Come on, Kosmo!

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