Sunday, October 7, 2007

I < / 3 Housekeeping

I do NOT love housekeeping.

I just got back in to my apartment after having been out of town since Thursday morning. I got out my keys to unlock the door.

Except it's already fucking unlocked.

Apparently, after cleaning my apartment Thursday afternoon, the housekeeping women left my apartment unlocked.

For three days straight.

I am absolutely furious. I could have been robbed stone blind! I had to search my whole apartment to ensure that A) my shit wasn't stolen, and B) no one was hiding in my apartment. Thankfully, everything is as it was when I left.

Normally, I take time with these posts to make sure they're articulate and clever; however, I'm apoplectic right now. I am without words (and that's saying something for me).

Tomorrow, I will be going into the Housing office and raising a little hell until they can tell me what they're going to do about this. I know I'm not the first - a friend of mine also lives in my complex, and came back to an unlocked place.

Not cool, Housekeeping. Not cool.


Sevenine said...

I'd be pissed too!

Jordan said...

UGH why do they keep doing that? What is so flippin' hard about locking the door? That seems like one of the first things they should learn in training.

BLAH. I'm angry for you!