Friday, October 5, 2007

Watch out for Hop-ons (you're gonna get some Hop-ons)

This is a quick post - I've been up since 6 am and I am fading fast, but this is such a great fluke thing that I have to share it before the funny wears off.

The other day, I bought a pair of magnetic earrings. I sort of need them for a Halloween costume, but I also like the idea of looking a little edgier than I currently do without all that unpleasant hole-poking. I have my lobes pierced, and that's fine; the idea of piercing my cartilage, however, makes me a touch squeamish.

Anyway, I decided to wear one home today and see if my parents clued in. Sadly, I knocked it loose when answering my phone and the magnetic back tumbled away. I started to look around for it on the floor, but realized I looked crazy crawling around on the airport floor. For all I knew, the little magnetic bit had snapped onto someone's suitcase, or underneath a table leg. I gave the back up for lost and opted to save the piece I had (I'm kind of a magpie; shiny objects are hoard-worthy).

So I spent all day traveling home and catching up with my family, and a few minutes ago I finally got upstairs to get undressed and grab a shower before bed.

And there, magnetized firmly to the underwire of my bra, was the back of the earring.

Apparently when I knocked it loose, it rolled down the front of my shirt and caught on the metal underwire. It just kind of hopped on and hung out there all day, and I had absolutely no clue.

Migrating accessories - who knew?

Edit: Today, being more awake, I remembered an incident last fall that also involved migrating accessories, although on a slightly more noticeable scale.

The purse I carried back then had a velcro clasp on it, and somehow I left the house one day with a pair of underwear stuck to it. Not even sexy or cute underwear - no, it had to be a painfully ugly pair of granny-panties that is NEVER supposed to see the light of day. Those things are, in all honesty, a rape deterrent in and of themselves.

And no, I didn't immediately clue in to my little hop-on. I rode the CART shuttle, sat around the South Oval, and walked to class before I noticed them and stuffed them safely out of sight, actually. God only knows how many people spent the rest of the day snickering about the poor clueless girl they saw on the bus with the thunderpants hanging off of her purse. Needless to say, I subsequently retired that bag ... and the fugitive underwear, too. Just in case.


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