Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Mist To Be Missed

I apologize for how quiet this blog's been lately. My responsibilities caught up to me, and I've been completely swamped getting them all covered. Hopefully I'll be back to regular updates after this.

Today, my family and I went to see The Mist after Thanksgiving lunch. We knew it wasn't going to be anything uplifting, but we love Stephen King and The Mist has long been one of our favorites.

Folks, don't go see The Mist.


The story's good when the movie keeps with the novella's line, but there was a ton of unexpected gore and the CG, while decent, showed a whole lot of cheesy baddies that would have been scary had they been seen less. To top it all off, the ending was the most wrenchingly painful thing I've seen in a long time.

And actually, seeing as last Monday my apartment's parking lot was completely smothered in pea-soup-style mist, I'm quite glad I hadn't seen the movie at that point. I would've decided "the hell with this" and gone back to bed. Sorry Mel, I do love Intro, but I'm not gonna wade through face-ripping-baddie-filled mist to get there.

However! I did have a hardcore fangirl moment at the beginning of the movie. The main character is an artist who creates movie posters and such. At the movie's opening, he's working on an image of a gun-carrying man. The more I look at the man, the more familiar he gets. Then we see the rose being painted next to him, and I about hit the roof. It was Roland! King's gunslinger, right there on the canvas! It seems like a clever and backhanded way for King to get people talking about a Dark Tower movie/miniseries.

I can only hope they do it better justice than they did The Mist ...

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