Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Completely Geekin' Out!

I am in a little flurry of fandom! My Gunslinger poster came in today!

Out of all the series I've ever read, nothing has pulled me in like Stephen King's Dark Tower series. The main character, Roland, is one of the most complex and fascinating characters ever written. So when I found out that King and Marvel were releasing graphic novel versions of Roland's younger days under the title The Gunslinger Born, I pounced.

And when I found out that said graphic novels were being publicized by some beautifully artworked posters, I super-pounced. I went into a comic book store and smiled really big and talked really softly and voila! The nice guys ordered me my own poster. Again: girl perk. Gotta love it.

So now I've got this gorgeous poster of the gunslinger Roland right on the wall of my room. It's amazingly geeky of me, but I must admit I absolutely love it.

My fandom's got some serious aim.

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Katie said...

that is a fantastic poster