Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Small Wisdom

Today, I got a little unexpected wisdom.

I take a taekwondo class at OU, more for the physical outlet than anything else. On Monday, I sort of completely skipped class, and today my professor wanted to know why.

Teacher *in nearly impenetrable Korean accent*: We missed you in class on Monday, Megan. Where were you?

Me: Sorry sir. I got caught up in a conversation, and it went right through class.

Teacher: I see. Was it ... a very important conversation?

Me: ... well no, not really, but it was a very good conversation.

Teacher: Ah. Sometimes, that is all that matters.

And that was the end of it. It's always nice when people understand your reasons; it's even nicer when they understand them even better than you do.


Katie said...

that was nice that he understood. maybe because you were more honest with him than students have been in the past?

Mel Odom said...

As a father and a teacher, I have found that almost ANY answer is SO much better than the usual teen/early 20-something, "I don't know."