Friday, September 28, 2007

Rock of Love Finale - Sunday!

The girls and I are total Rock of Love slaves. When it's on, nothing else is going on so far as we're concerned. The building could be on fire and we'd still have to wait for a commercial break before we ran to safety.

Sunday night is the big finale! In the final two we have Jes, my personal favorite who again is waaay too cool for this show, and Heather, who is (to quote Jes) a "hungry f-ing stripper." Applause all around!

And of course, being VH1, there will probably (hopefully) be a marathon of all the episodes prior to mark the occasion. And, of course, we're going to have to watch it. So to add a new twist to the old episodes, I give you the Rock of Love drinking game.
  1. Anytime there is innuendo (theme song included - touch my backstage pass, ride my limousine!), drink.
  2. Anytime one of Bret's semi-popular eighties hits is played, drink.
  3. Anytime Bret kisses a woman for slightly longer than is proper, drink.
  4. Anytime Heather's chosen profession is called into question, drink.
  5. Anytime Lacey does something totally bitchy and unnecessary, drink. Then fling the empty container at her and try to knock that ugly lip-piercing loose.
  6. Anytime the girls have to take part in a challenge which either a) results in partial nudity or naughty attire, b) results in jiggling of the breasts, or c) results in Bret being unnecessarily turned on, drink.
  7. Anytime Bret does or says something so dumb that there's actually a pause for thought before the laughter starts, drink.
  8. Anytime Sam cries (poor emotional thing that she is,) drink.
  9. Anytime a girl whines about the lack of time they have with Bret, drink.
  10. Catfights, censored nudity, and breaking stuff always merits a drink, no matter the circumstances.
Now, seeing as will be a Sunday and we are by and large not of drinking age, this drinking will probably involve water/Coke more so than liquor, but the idea still stands firm.

This game is second only to the drinking game for the second season of Arrested Development, where you drink every time someone makes a joke at Ann's expense (IE, "Who?" or "Her?") and the Wizard People, Dear Reader drinking game where you drink every time a name is changed or a spell is cast.


Sevenine said...

Just a passerby here! I'm watching the re-runs of the show now. I'm glad Jes won, but Heather seemed to be more suiting for his lifestyle. But either way, they'll be a new season (with Bret or not is questionable), because according to the New York Post's Page Six, Jes has already dumped him and shacked up with someone else. Here's the article:

Sevenine said...

Oh, agreed on the cockiness. She annoyed me alot. In the light of Jes's leaving, it wouldn't surprise me if Bret goes for her. (So long as that 'Sucks' part of her tattoo is actually temporary like she said it was at the reunion).